Monday, May 7, 2018

How Far Away is that Plane?

Like Elder Van Dyke, my trainer used to do this to me all the time. Unlike Elder Van Dyke, my trainer had four inches and 50 pounds on me, so I just took it. Drawing this strip was strangely therapeutic.


  1. :) I love it. If I was in that strip, I would probably be in elder longs place. Except, I probably would have kept going anyway and gotten slugged. Hilarious though.

  2. My second area I was DL to three companionships, was all of which were dying or going home within 2 months, my comp included. I heard these jokes and then some. They were the best. I learnt being trunky didn't mean that the work stopped, and being trunky was a good thing. Afterall are we not trunky to get back to Heavenly Father?

    1. That is a very nice sentiment. You were far more charitable with your companions than I was with mine!