Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hearts Failing

(Today's gag seems particularly pertinent, don't you think? This one was featured in the October 2018 issue of the New Era.)

It is proposed that the name of this website be changed to the Ward Cartoonist. All those in favor please manifest it in the comment section. Those opposed can also manifest in the comment section.

There were so many great suggestions for a new name to this site, I truly struggled up until late last night before I settled on Ward Cartoonist. Thank you to everyone who offered up suggestions.

And now for some housekeeping items:
  • I've purchased the domain name Today it simply directs traffic to Eventually, I hope to migrate all the content of this site to that domain then direct to, but the takeaway is you can find my stuff at both and
  • As I mentioned above, the decision of naming this blog was tough. Here are some names I seriously considered:
    • Eight Cow Cartoonist. Ultimately, I opted not to go this route because I have a sneaky suspicion that Johnny Lingo is going to continue to age badly. Plus, I'd risk the sneer "Arie, you cartoons are ugly!"
    • Cartoonist at Temple Square. Several clever readers suggested this name and I really like it, but I do more of my cartooning at my kitchen table than Temple Square. Plus, Temple Square already has a resident cartoonist.
    • Ex-Mormon Cartoonist. It wasn't long before I realized this title might be a bit confusing.
  • As always I am not the ward cartoonist, just a ward cartoonist. I do aspire, though, to someday become the stake cartoonist.


  1. I admire you for changing your name. Your choice to do so is respectful. I love the new name as well. You are my favorite cartoonist. Keep them coming. You are so clever!

  2. I've got a habit to break now. I'm used to typing in "mo" then pressing "enter" to make it to this site. Now I've got to start typing "wa" then enter. Worth it.

  3. I still think you should have changed YOUR name to Mormon. Then all you'd have to do is add a comma: "Mormon, cartoonist." But this will work!

  4. Ward cartoonist is a good call :) I love the respect and obedience. Thanks for the laughs and the good spirit here!