Monday, April 22, 2019

Cultural Center

On my mission, I just happened to be present on opening day of the first three McDonald's locations in Slovenia. (I even was given a tie pin with the golden arches over a Slovene flag to commemorate one of the events.) In hindsight, this is not one something I'm terribly proud of.

I am proud, though, that I probably ate more McDonald's in the few short months they were present in Slovenia than the 20 plus years since I've been home off my mission.*

*To be clear, it is not that I'm proud of the excessive amounts of fast food I ate on my mission, but rather my restrain since returning home.


  1. We had a MackDonald in Korea (back in the old days). They served passable hamburgers, and their mascot looked like Donald Duck's evil twin.

    1. I seriously doubt that McDonald's puts up with any of those kind of shenanigans today.