Thursday, October 17, 2019

High School Reading Assignment

It's a gag centered around the works of Steinbeck and Hemingway--the scourge of high school English students everywhere! Of course, The Old Man and the Sea is more of a novella than a novel.

Much thanks to faithful reader Klinton for suggesting the coupling of Ammon and A Farewell to Arms--the genesis of this little exercise and, by far, the funniest of the book titles. I'm sure there are other worthy combinations of important book and scripture hero. I'm hoping my cultured readership can supply me with more.


  1. Shadrack, Meshach and abednego--Dante's inferno
    Nephi-Brave New World
    Peter-Shakespeare's The Tempest
    Lot's daughters-Oedipus the King
    King David-Crime and Punishment
    Coriantumr-All Quiet on the Western Front

    1. These are all great. I might have to draw a sequel to this one.

    2. Nephi might also need a magic carpet "a whole new world..."