Thursday, January 23, 2020

Fruit of the Tree of Life

Today's comic comes ripped from this week's Come, Follow Me lesson.*

The very idea that Nephi would refer to Honeycrisp or Red Delicious apples is, of course, ridiculous. Why Honeycrisp weren't first cultivated until 1974 and even Red Delicious are relatively new (1880). There was quite a bit of debate in my home regarding the variety of apple named in today's gag.

Personally, my favorite apple is the Pink Lady, while my daughter likes the Fuji. Ultimately, I settled on the favorite of my wife--the Honeycrisp--because her choice seems to match up with the general public.

The best tasting variety of apple is a manner of taste, while the apple on the other end of the spectrum is a fact: Red Delicious apples are the worst!

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  1. Have you ever tried Ginger Gold apples? They have a gingery sweet flavor to them. They were my faves for awhile (when we got them from the Farmer's Market!). But now we stick with ol' Granny Smith (which, if you blend with the right ingredients, makes an amazing smoothie!).

  2. Yeah, while Red Delicious apples do taste good* their fragile nature sadly doesn't quite make the cut...

    A really good variety I think is Braeburn, a great example of beauty in simplicity.

    Honestly, there is SO much room in people's lives for more conversations about the different varieties of apples! Definitely a worthy topic for any non-first-Sunday-of-the-month day!

    *At least that's how I remember it; it's been MANY years since the last time I've had one of those.

    1. Red Delicious apples don't have a lot of depth to their flavor (at least not the ones I've tried!). They're sweet, but alone they aren't much. I guess you could say that about us, too. Alone, we don't have a lot of depth of flavor. We're sweet, but we're nothing without God. He turns us from one-note apples into organic masterpieces.