Monday, April 3, 2023

What's the Difference?

I got this question all the time as a missionary. Even after a lesson where my companion and I tried to spell out all the differences between our church and others. I was so self-confident that never once did I consider the possibility that I wasn't doing a good enough job explaining things to them. (The most likely reason for the confusion.) I'd hope I'm more humble in my old age.

I'm probably thinking about humility because I realize I've got a lot to work on that particularly quality after enjoying another excellent General Conference. If you need to review any of the messages that were shared, you might want to check out Kevin Beckstrom's General Conference Notes (Here are his notes to the Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning, and Sunday Afternoon sessions). That Kevin continues to provide this resource is fantastic. That he managed to do it this time while struggling with jet lag after a whirlwind trip to Europe is amazing!

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