Monday, May 22, 2023

Field is White

Some of my most memorable times as a missionary were doing service. In one area, my companion and I volunteered at an orphanage where we simply played with preschool kids for a couple of hours a week. Many of the children suffered from physical ailments in conditions that, more than anything else on my mission, felt like Soviet-era living. It was incredibly rewarding service for us.

In another area, my companion and I taught an after school English class at the local elementary school. In both cases, the service was strictly for service sake. The only proselyting we did was (hopefully) the example we set.


  1. I hate to admit it now, but teaching English classes were about the least favorite thing I did as a missionary. Of course, we were teaching factory workers rather than elementary school kids — big difference there! It would have helped had we framed it as "service" rather than thinking of it as a proselyting tool. Hopefully my attitude is better now!

  2. I remember you saying you would make a comic about the white wheat verse