Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Theory of Relativity

To be clear, this never happened.

At least, I'm pretty sure the missionaries never taught Albert Einstein a lesson on a park bench. Do you know who did have gospel discussions with him though? President Eyring's father. Henry Eyring was a world renowned chemist who worked with Einstein at Princeton. And while I'm writing about Dr. Eyring and Albert Einstein, let me share with you a funny story found in Dr. Eyring's memoir.

Erying recounted walking with Einstein around campus and wrote the following:"At noon we walked out into what had been a rose garden, but in wartime had been replanted as a victory garden. Now, I'm a farmer from Pima, so I guessed what the crop was, but I didn't know whether Einstein knew or not. So I picked up a plant and asked him what it was. He didn't know. I asked [the gardener] what it was. He said, "They're soybeans."

"Well, I though what you would have thought: "Einstein doesn't know beans." (Reflections of a Scientist, Henry Eyring, 1983, Deseret Book Company: Salt Lake City).

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