Thursday, September 7, 2023

Monopoly: United Order Edition

The sad thing is this wouldn't even crack the top ten weirdest versions of Monopoly.

Just look at this list: 

  1. Breaking Bad Monopoly
  2. Golden Girls Monopoly
  3. Monopoly: Bass Fishing Edition
  4. Monopoly: D-Day* 
  5. Nintendo Monopoly** 
  6. Monopoly: It
  7. Monopoly: Cat Lovers Edition
  8. Monopoly: Garfield 25th Anniversary Edition***
  9. One Direction Monopoly
  10. QVC Monopoly****
*Or as we like to call it at our house: Risk.

**For those kids who love Mario but hate video games.

***Do cat lovers really need a second edition?

****Call now operators are standing by!

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