Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

Today marks the beginning of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. I'm not much of a college basketball fan (what on account of my alma mater failing to win a game in the tournament for over 15 years), but I am a big fan of basketball. Still even if you're not a big fan of college basketball, you can appreciate the emotion and pageantry that are "March Madness."

Which is why I'll be posting a basketball-related gag each week for the next three weeks. Go team!


  1. I hate to be a stickler, but the spelling is actually "pageantry." Kudos to you, though, for finding a way to work a word like that into a piece about girls ward basketball.

    And wasn't Danny Ainge that guy who bit someone's hand in a game?

    I doubt you'll have too much trouble coming up with comics about ward basketball. In fact, I'll bet you could dedicate a whole book to the subject.

    This one's a good comic. I particularly like the hat. Plus, I imagine it's somewhat difficult to create the background of a basketball court in a one-panel cartoon.

  2. Arie,
    I remember playing basketball at your house, such fun memories. Ward basketball was fun, but since I didn't take the game serious, I didn't get much playing time.