Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sustaining Vote

So, I recently received a new calling and the above comic almost immediately popped into my head. I'm not sure what that says about my level of spirituality, but I do know what it says about my temperament on the basketball court.

(And based on their dirty play, I doubt very much that anyone from the Third Ward Elders Quorum basketball team even goes to church.)


  1. In fairness, the third ward probably feels the same way about the First Ward Elders Quorum basketball team.

  2. Congrats on your new calling! This is the first time we've seen your cartoon, they are great! Take Care.

    Tyler & Lindsay Hyatt

  3. I love an artist that can recognize his own faults and make them funny.
    It is too bad that there isn't a separate comic that can poke fun of all of the professional basketball teams you have issues against.

  4. But isn't there sometimes just a tiny part of you that actually wishes someone WOULD raise their hand in dissent? (New RS president just kidding here...kind of.)

    Joyce DiPastena
    Fellow Leatherwood Press/Walnut Springs author

  5. When I was a missionary in small towns in Austria 25 years ago I was shocked on my first Sunday to see the branch president actually pause and look around the chapel after asking "all those opposed" to callings. I soon learned that it was not uncommon for members to raise their hands in objection. The bishop or branch president would suspend the vote until the following week to give him time to review the objection. I never really got used to that.

    It's a good thing the Austrians hadn't yet been introduced to ward basketball--the objections would surely have come weekly.

  6. Oh man I hate those guys from the 3rd ward elders quorum basketball team, it's about time someone expressed my angst in cartoon form!!