Thursday, April 23, 2009

Curses, Foiled Again!

This week's comic of the week is another gag The New Era rejected. Probably due to the fact that in the original Egyptian, flies and pies sound nothing like each other. (They're sticklers that way.)

After I submitted this gag, I also regretted the way the joke was structured. It would have been better to have Aaron standing next to Moses yelling, "Flies, Moses, flies!" or something like that.

This gag pretty much doesn't work at all. But rather than fix it, I'm posting the original version. You get what you pay for, I guess.


  1. Depending on the pie I think I could welcome a Pie curse.

  2. In a vain attempt to determine a solid reason why the New Era would reject your cartoon I actually wasted considerable time researching whether Moses would have ever laid eyes on the Pyramids of Giza, let alone call down curses from heaven within earshot (let alone dodge falling pies) of the edifices. It turns out that Moses (1300 BC) probably did live in the same region of the already constructed pyramids (2500 BC) in what was Memphis and what is now the outskirts of Cairo. So since there is no good historical reason why the New Era would reject your cartoon all I could come up with the unlikely possibility maybe it's just not all that funny.

    In a somewhat related vein it did get me thinking that toying with the manna-from-heaven concept has potential to be pretty humorous.

  3. Try resubmitting this gag written in the original egyptian and see if there is a more favorable response, then you will have your answer. Also, as a personal beef with the New Era for rejecting this, pie in the face gags are always comical. Look at that guy with the spear, he's not escaping that pie what does he think he's doing. That's banana cream in his face and that is funny.