Monday, June 15, 2009

Dinner Appointments

As any missionary who served in a foreign country can tell you (and probably many who didn't serve foreign), dinner appointments can be scary things. I was fortunate in that I usually liked the kind of fare served in Slovenija, but there were times where I wished D&C 89 had been a bit more explicit in defining what wasn't meant for the body.


  1. One of my companions once said he could always tell when I didn't like the food being served. Said I always drank twice as much water during dinner.

    If I don't like something that has to be eaten I treat it the same way as a pill, put it in my mouth and swallow it with water.

  2. My dad's companion stuffed the food in his sock when no one was looking ;-)

    1. That might be the grossest thing I've ever heard.