Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scout Camps and Real Estate

Within the New Era's "Extra Smile" page there is definitely a pecking order. Val Chadwick Bagley--he of the numerous lift-the-flap books--usually gets the prime real estate on the page while the rest of the cartoonists' work fills in around his.

(I don't begrudge him for it. Bagley is really quite good. So good, in fact, that should he ask, I'd probably have to forfeit my domain name to him.)

Anyway, I'm proud of this gag because for one month it vaulted me to the location on the "Extra Smile" page usually reserved for Bagley.


  1. This does bring back a lot of memories about camping, and the mess of cleaning up afterwards. Fun times.

  2. Wow, who knew there was a pecking order for Mormon Cartoonists! I tell ya -- this blog teaches me so much! My kids really do love looking at them!!

  3. I thought he was your nemesis! (I hope he doesn't read this...)

  4. My funny, talented, loving husband is without guile.... even when folks confuse him with Pat Bagley (author of 'I Spy a Nephite' and political cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune).

    So, don't worry about having to give up your domain name. :)

    BTW: He's currently serving as Scoutmaster and I can totally relate to your cartoon!

    Ruth Bagley

    1. Hey wow, glad you pointed that out. I had no idea there were two Bagley cartoonists from Utah. Suddenly, Bagley's spot in the church magazine makes a lot more sense. Once again a fan, Ray.