Monday, October 19, 2009

Trick or Treat?

How does the admonition go? "Neither cast ye your pearls before swine." I don't usually compare children to pigs, but during their candy-frenzied state Halloween night, it somehow seems appropriate.

UPDATE: Someone's offering another free copy of The A-MAZE-ing Book of Mormon on the web. Check out LDS author Cindy Beck's blog and enter to win!


  1. Arie,
    Are you going to be dressing up for Halloween this year? Maybe I will go as a Utah State University Football fan.

  2. I love the expressions on their faces. :)

  3. We passed out big candy bars last year and we're doing it again this year just so we can be the cool house in the neighborhood. So unlike the house that gives out B of M's.

  4. Jon, I was going to go as a Utah State fan, but having two people dressed like that in the continental United States seems a bit unrealistic, don't you think?

    Forgoing the Books of Mormon in a neighborhood that is, according to your own words, 99.99 percent LDS is probably a good idea, Jena.

  5. Arie,
    I think the Aggies could use all the help they can get. Plus Arn't you supposed to dress up as something that doesn't exsist (dracula, Zombie, Ghosts, USU Football Fans)?

  6. I love the fact that they celebrate halloween in Laputania.

    By the way, I had someone tell me today (not knowing I'm LDS) that Mormons don't celebrate halloween. I wish I'd known that for the last couple of years that Cheryl and I have been on the activities committee and have painstakingly decorated the gym for trunk or treat.

  7. Nice story, Eric. It reminds me of this classic dialog from Cheers some 20 years ago.

    [Carla has received a bouquet of roses, supposedly from Eddie]
    Rebecca Howe: Oh, why can't more men send flowers?
    Sam Malone: I didn't know Mormons couldn't send flowers.
    Rebecca Howe: I said "more men", not "Mormons".
    Sam Malone: I know they cant dance.
    Norm Peterson: No Sammy, that's the, ah, that's the Amish.
    Sam Malone: Why cant Mormons send flowers?
    Rebecca Howe: They can.
    Sam Malone: What are you talking about?
    Rebecca Howe: I just wish some one would send me some roses.
    Sam Malone: Why does it have to be a Mormon?
    Rebecca Howe: [exasperated] Oh!
    Sam Malone: Some people you just cant discuss religion.

    (I obviously googled this, but I could have typed most of it verbatim, scary, huh?)