Monday, November 2, 2009

A Missionary Rite of Passage

I don't care what the Mr. Mac or Men's Warehouse salesmen claim. No pair of slacks can last 24 months of missionary work. I guarantee it.


  1. Does Elder Frank know he is in this series as himself? Did this really happen?

  2. Elder Frank was one of my companions in the mission field. Every one of my mission companions is mentioned by name in the strip although none of them make an appearance. I liked all of the missionaries in Slovenija too much to subject them to the bug-eyed cartoon treatment (Sisters included).

    I was with Elder Bates when I got a hole in my pants. Luckily, I noticed it the day it happened, as I wouldn't put it past him to start his own District Pool.

  3. I can't make a pair of slacks last two years even when I'm off my mission...