Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Comic Book: 5 of 5

In the end, all the hard work of these creatures, ghouls, and behemoths is ruined by our infinate ability to mock. So I ask you, dear reader, who are the real monsters here?


  1. Arie,
    I enjoyed the weeks worth of comics.
    I for one will miss going back to just 2 a week.

    Thanks for sharing your art with us.


  2. I agree with Jon. You've reset the bar and are now obligated to produce a full page of relevant comics every day.

  3. Wow, a relevant comic every day? What could possibly be relevant about, oh say, the 4th Saturday in April? I wonder.

  4. I would pick on the the author of the previous comment, but today is just not the day.

  5. I've always been fond of your Halloween caricatures - they seem to look like people we know! This comic book idea was a good one.