Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ward Ball Prayer

Last year to honor the NCAA men's basketball tournament, I published a comic a week for three weeks that dealt with basketball, either directly or indirectly. This year I'm continuing the tradition and promise to continue it every year until my alma mater wins another game in the tournament (I'm glad, I didn't start this blog 17 years ago and I really hope BYU wins later this morning).

Today's strip is one that I submitted to the New Era several years ago and was not at all surprised when they passed on it. It ultimately appeared in Mormon Life, but I like it so much I thought I'd reprint it here.


  1. I like the joke. I want to know which player is Jimmer.

  2. Ah, Jimmer Fredette. He's the main reason I'm hopeful for this year's team. Any time your star player has a name that sounds like it belongs in the movie "Hoosiers", you should be in good shape.

  3. Nice link in that last comment. Now I want you to continue doing basketball themed posts every year until my alma mater, Weber State, wins another game in the tournament.

  4. Joel, we all know that won't happen until Marc Lawson #10 is back on the team. "The Show" and "The Thrill" wouldn't hurt either.

  5. Where's Danny Ainge when we need him? Does he have any children? Doesn't Shawn Bradley have a couple more years of college eligibility? Does Jim McMahon play basketball?

  6. Hey! this is kind of nutty, but I used to play ward ball on my friends team...I'm not in the church but grew up in a very Mormon neighborhood. Years later someone told me there was a documentary made about ward ball which pretty much dealt with exactly what they're talking about in the cartoon! Has anyone ever heard of a Ward Ball movie getting made? I have a lot of fond memories of almost losing teeth. I also played in the Maccabee tournament at our local Jewish center. And come to think of it the other non church member on the ward team was a Bhuddist all star. So there you go. Anyway...if anyone knows of the movie let me know! Thanks!

    1. The name of the movie you're thinking of is called "Church Ball." It was about as far away from a documentary as you could get. It was a pretty unfunny comedy starring, among others, Gary Coleman from "Diff'rent Strokes"