Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Month in the New Era

The April issue of the New Era is all about dating. Everything, all the way down to "Extra Smile" page, is about it. That being said, here is my contribution to the special issue.

I've mentioned before on this blog that I like to slip a little something (a framed photo of the temple, a BYU pennant, etc.) into my gags that aren't LDS-specific. Obviously, those types of things are hard to include in a picture of a high school hallway. But that guy walking down the hall is totally wearing a CTR ring.


  1. Spending time making a resume is much more productive than the time spent coming up with creative ways to ask the person out. That would have saved me from a lot of dates with losers in high school.

  2. I can also totally assume that the girl he is walking with is wearing a YW Medallion.