Monday, May 3, 2010

Coach Speak

Elder Steele--the companion featured in the past several weeks of this comic--is a football player. And he's always quoting his football coach. Usually, it's stuff like "you win some, you lose some" and "go out there and give 110 percent," but in this strip his coach's meaning is lost on everyone.

My inspiration for this strip came from Jerry Sloan of the Utah Jazz who (as most fans of the team know) says stuff like this nearly every day. And his team is going to need every one of his confusing pearls of wisdom if they are going to defeat the hated LA Lakers in the playoff battle they currently find themselves in.


  1. Confusing pearls of wisdom or not . . . the Jazz can find plenty of excuses and whines. My favorite is the continuing ailments of Boozer, most recently his strained "love handle" (oblique). Mmmm?

  2. Can you draw a cartoon about two brothers, say 37 and 28 (I think) who get WAY too wrapped up in the Jazz playoffs every year because of their misplaced optimism and to this day hold Michael Jordan responsible for nearly all the evils in the world, as they watch the Jazz play and scream at the TV screen every time they screw something up?

    Of course, you may have trouble writing it if you can't relate to it.

    We'll cross our fingers that Mr. Boozer's love handles heal quickly.

  3. Eric, there is nothing funny about the situation you described. And for the record, the older brother is only 36.

  4. And Michael Jordan is only responsible for 3/4 of the evils and Kobe is responsible for the rest.

  5. And what about Karl Malone's free throw shooting skills?