Monday, May 24, 2010

Star Wars Week Starts Now

Inexplicity, I failed to acknowledge the thirtieth anniversary of the premier of The Empire Strikes Back last week on this blog. (I know, I know, inexcusable, right? While my membership to geek nation hasn't been revoked it is in suspension.)

To make up for my gross oversight, I am dedicating this week on the blog to all things Star Wars. It's my way of offering penance for failing to give possibly the greatest movie of all time* the respect it deserves.

(Yes, I am aware that today's strip is a rerun, but like the original trilogy--this is a strip you can revisit time and time again.)

*The only other possible "greatest movie of all time" is Raiders of the Lost Ark**. Not only did Empire Strikes Back have Han Solo at the apex of his coolness, but it also had Darth Vader at his most menacing. Plus, they threw in the totally awesome character of Boba Fett, for good measure.

**It is impossible to express how well the careers of George Lucas and Harrison Ford were progressing in 1981. With their participation in Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Raiders of the Lost Ark back to back to back; they created enough goodwill to last several lifetimes. It's amazing, then, that these two have managed to ruin all that goodwill over the past three decades. I guess it just goes to show you the negative power of Jar Jar Binks and nuked fridges.


  1. I can't believe how much useful information I have learned from your blog, Arie. I hadn't heard the phrase, "nuke the fridge" until now. I have to ask though, what was wrong with the other 2 Indiana Jones movies? I know the second one wasn't as good but the third one with Sean Connery was a classic. Are you including them in your downfall of Ford and Lucas over the last 3 decades?

    These are the sort of movies a girl with 5 brothers and no sisters grows up watching. Those and the Terminator movies, Die Hard movies, Superhero flicks of all sorts, and any other Rated R movies Eric made us watch (Predator, Rambo, etc).

  2. My husband is very fond of the Star Wars, Raiders, Lord of the Rings movies as well. :)

  3. Jena, in answer to your question, I think public goodwill towards Harrison Ford didn't shift until he dumped his long-time wife and hooked up with the much younger Ally McBeal. The poorly received Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just kind of cemented the public's resentment towards the guy. (Personally, I liked all four Indy movies, although I will admit that the latest was the least among them.)

    Wendi, I'm very much a fan of Lord of the Rings too.

  4. Jena,

    It was all part of a well-rounded education.


    I agree about Harrison Ford. He began his quest to jump the shark the moment he made the movie "Mosquito Coast" and started wearing an earring. Now he's playing second fiddle to the kid from "Holes."

  5. I don't mind seeing this joke make a repeat on your blog. Like any good movie, this comic doesn't get old when you watch it a second time.