Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Scarier Than Halloween?

Yesterday was Halloween and tomorrow is the Day of the Dead throughout much of the world and Election Day here in the United States. Talk about a trifecta of terror!

My missionary cartoons feature a companion of Elder Van Dyke who is angling to become the Assistant to the President. I always liked drawing strips featuring Elder Blank's schemes to get appointed to that position, because it allowed me to gently satire politicians. I guess you could say there's a little political cartoonist in me.


  1. Do missionaries actually want to be APs? Isn't that like somebody wanting to be bishop? Crazy.

  2. Fun enough, there are missionaries like that :) It's like wanting to serve in a certain calling. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.

  3. I think you might have a future in creating campaign slogans. I like the ones you created for Elder Blank. Some of the candidates that recently lost the election may not have if they had your help.