Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Alive!

So as I was thinking about today's gag, I began to picture Igor as a sort of horror Amelia Bedelia. You know, Doctor Frankenstein says, "Igor, give me a hand" and the next thing you know his bumbling assistant has dug up a hand. Or, "You know what they say, Igor, two heads are better than one" and suddenly there's an extra head lying around.

Enough of these misunderstandings and what's a mad scientist to do? Why reanimate the dead, of course. Maybe I'll pitch this idea to HarperCollins as Amelia Bedelia and the Modern Prometheus.


  1. And The Friend didn't pick this one up?

  2. Wait, now Frankenstein is going to be a missionary? He's going to have a tough time teaching certain doctrines about the body...

  3. Pitching this children's book idea may not be the smartest career move. Even with the success of your other books, Harper Collins would probably think twice.

    I do love your version of Igor though.