Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Indiana Jones Week!

Following the success of last year's Star Wars Week and Back to the Future Week, I'm honoring Raiders of the Lost Ark this week on its 30th anniversary.

Raiders is possibly my favorite movie of all time and today I'm celebrating it with one of my favorite missionary strips of all time (long time readers of the blog might recognize this one from several months ago). Enjoy!


  1. Does turning 30 now make Indian Jones a classic movie or does it have to wait another 20 years?

    At what age does a movie turn into a classic?

  2. Joel and I were just talking about what our favorite movies were growing up and we, of course, put the 3 Indiana Jones movies on the list. When are you going to do a "Big Trouble in Little China" week on your blog? Or "Opportunity Knocks" week? Or "Better off Dead" week?