Monday, November 14, 2011

Wrinkle-free Shirts

I remember the day on my mission when the starch in my wrinkle-free shirts gave up the ghost. It was zone conference and my Mission President's wife gave me a chewing out. Up until that point (about a year into my mission), I hadn't had to touch an iron. After that point, the iron and I became very well acquainted.


  1. Nice comic. I recall the day I saw an Austrian businessman with a nicely pressed starched white shirt. I looked at myself--now 18 months into my mission--and for the first time realized that I no longer owned white shirts. No amount of cleaning can keep a shirt from turning gray after 52 weeks of wear.

    Question: does the elder with the wrinkled shirt have a receding hair line? Do you think he had that when he left home? For many of my companions that was an issue of serious concern.

  2. Eric, the Elder with the wrinkled shirt does indeed have a receding hairline. I wrote a handful of strips mocking him for it too. Now days, though, given my own dearth of hair follicles, that joke isn't funny anymore.