Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friends of Scouting

We're right in the thick of the Friends of Scouting drive season. If you're lucky, the scouts have already visited your home. If not, you can always try the tactic displayed in today's gag.*

*Full disclosure: I tried this very line and just got a bunch of blank stares from the scouts at my door. In the end, I ended up contributing like I always do.**

**Fuller disclosure: this is the point in a post like this where I point out that my tongue is firmly in my cheek and that sometimes I exaggerate for the sake of humor on this blog.***

***Fullest disclosure: I'm being very generous when I call anything on this blog humorous.


  1. The man in the comic does look curiously similar to the artist.

    Here's another excuse to use as you usher them off your doorstep: "No thanks--I already friended you on Facebook."

  2. Thank you for your generous contribution.

  3. This comic sounds like it was created by someone who didn't get their Eagle Scout. I'm so disappointed.

  4. Jena, you have to bring that up again, don't you?

    Yeah, I didn't get my eagle scout award. The committee board frowned on my proposed eagle project of fastening little toupees on the bald ones. But now they have to deal with a lifetime of Boy Scout jokes! Who's laughing now?

  5. You should be commended for not getting your eagle. That project is forced on young men against their will. It's un-american and you, my friend, are a trailblazer and a hero.

  6. The only trailblazing I did, Joel, was for a little brother who didn't have quite as much pressure to earn an Eagle after his brother failed to do so.