Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eight-Bit Love

I have a confession to make, I am not at all a gamer.* This must come as quite a shock to any long time readers aware of my affinity for other nerdy things.

So when I picked Modern Warfare 3 for this week's gag, I was doing so only because of some vague understanding that it's popular today. (Fortunate for me, my own children are young enough that the only video games they obsess over are the Lego-themed ones.) If there is another, more appropriate video game out there I should have used, please let me know.

Today's gag is based on an idea from faithful reader Clint C. Thanks, Clint.

*The last video game I spent any large amount of time on was Legend of Zelda: Three for the Super Nintendo. It was awesome!


  1. Legend of Zelda 3 was awesome.

  2. My last video game that I spent any time on was Super Mario Bros for the original Nintendo. It took place this last summer when we stayed in an old abandoned school house turned into a house for rent in Lava Hot Springs. It was hiding next to the TV. I am still unable to be defeated.