Monday, May 28, 2012

No Animals Were Hurt in the Production of this Post

In one of my areas on my mission, there was a member family that lived way out of town. Every time we would visit them, we'd grab a big stick on the way to their home because they owned a big, scary dog who would charge at you with intent to maim. You'd have to wave the stick in front of you to keep the dog away.

Once when visiting this family I discovered to my horror that the stick I grabbed on the side of the road was too small to scare the demon dog away. As I swung the stick back and forth, the dog moved closer and closer to my companion and me. For a terror-filled few seconds, I was sure I was going to die. Fortunately, a couple of the family's children sprinted out of the house during our time of need and dragged the dog away. I was bitten twice by dogs on my mission, but this was, by far, the scariest encounter I ever had with one.

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  1. Our family has decided that the Demon Dog from your mission has been adopted by our next door neighbors (who hopefully aren't reading this today). The holes in the kid's shirts prove it.