Thursday, June 28, 2012

Anatomy of a Gag

Sometimes a gag will come to me fully formed. Sometimes I'll get a spark of an idea that I will have to massage for a while until I like it enough to draw it. Sometimes I'll sketch out an idea that doesn't quite work, leave it alone for months or years, and then return to it with new eyes and find a way to make it work. (And most of the times, my ideas are so bad that end up discarding them forever without seeing the light of day.)

The gag above came fully formed and I liked it well enough to draw it when something unusual happened: I revisited a fully formed gag after it's completion. The result being that I came up with something new that I like much more. See if you don't agree below.
My problem with the original gag is the unlikelihood that a Cub Den would serve up something "green and mold" at a Blue and Gold Banquet. I mean, even the most disorganized Den would serve something better than that--like Little Caesars five buck pizza, for example.* But a Scout Troop, on a camp out, in a crock-pot: that I could totally see.

*I speak from experience. Little Caesars five buck pizza is exactly what our Den served a couple of years ago.


  1. I concur. I think the second one is more plausible.

  2. Ha ha! Your * comment made me laugh the most. We had a blue and gold banquet where KFC was served. It blew out the entire cub scout budget and most of the Primary budget for the rest of that year, but people loved it.

    Yep, the second one is more believable, but both are always! :)

    1. Thanks, Tatianna. I should probably disclose that the banquet also featured a live bird show--I assume that's what the Den did with the money they saved on food.

  3. Very true Arie. An event organized by den mothers would be perfectly organized and the cooking would be done to perfection by all the scout moms. But anything run by men could never be called organized. Good call on the switch.

  4. This reminds me of a camp out when the boys forgot to bring water. We planned to have pancakes in the morning but had no water for the mix. All we had was a couple of cans of diet root beer. So, we made diet root beer pancakes.