Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Night Recap

So Mitt Romney won't be President after all. I've read all sorts of explanations as to why he lost and Barack Obama won and the one that stood out to me was that Romney's loose association with the Tea Party cost him the Election.

I can buy that. I mean why wouldn't a political movement named after a hot drink prohibited in the Word of Wisdom be problematic to the Mormon candidate?


  1. Wow! Politics on the mormoncartoonist blog! That opens up all kinds of comments from crackpots like me.

    I echo the sentiment from your last post: I'm grateful that the Mormon Church came away from this election relatively unscathed and perhaps even more accepted. I've never been ashamed to proclaim myself a Mormon (even though I've never been good with the follow-on "want to learn more?") and I find that I get progressively fewer quizzical looks when I do. The town I live in is the type of place where Mormonism is still regarded as a cult by the predominantly evangelical crowd, but--thanks to Mitt Romney--I'm hoping this perception may slowly evolve over time.

  2. I'm surprised this is your first Tea Party post. There's so much good material there.

    1. I doubt I'll be covering anymore political issues on this blog. I've heard it said that the two topics you should never discuss in polite company are religion and politics. Since this blog pretty much flies in the face of the first part of that advice, I figure I should hold to the second part.