Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 Summer Movie Preview

This is the post where I celebrate the number of big, mindless movies coming out this summer* as well as remind you that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day.

When one thinks as much as I do about both Super Heroes and the LDS Church, the thought of which Super Heroes might join the Church naturally comes up. Below is my take on this critical issue:
  • Iron Man: No. The guy likes to drink too much to adhere to the Word of Wisdom (arguably his most famous comic book storyline involved Tony Stark's decent into alcoholism).
  • Batman: No. While the concept of eternal family would, no doubt, appeal to orphaned Bruce Wayne; candidates must show a little more of a willingness to forgive than Batman would be comfortable with before entering the water's of baptism.
  • Shazam: No. Shazam, aka Captain Marvel, aka "The Big Red Cheese" would readily accept the gospel. The only problem is, while Shazam is older than the age of accountability, his alter ego, Billy Batson, is not.
  • Captain America: Yes. See last year's post.
  • Hellboy**, Ghost Rider, Spawn: Please.
  • Thor, Hercules, Wonder Woman: No. They'd find it hard to give up their Norse and Greek Gods seeing as how, um, they are them.
Sadly, the Super Hero world doesn't look ready for the gospel.

*There is a ridiculous number of movies I'm excited for this summer including: Star Trek into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Lone Ranger, Monsters University, The Wolverine, and World War Z. I'm going to have to start saving money now.

**Or, as we like to call him in our family: Heckboy.


  1. I agree with you that there are a lot of movies I am excited for, Star Trek: Into Darkness is my #1 most anticipated movie of the year.

    Think I will redeem some Credit Card Points for Movie Gift Cards so I can see all the movies.

  2. Pacific Rim??? That must have been a typo.

    1. Yeah, my reasoning goes like this:


  3. Personally, I think Genealogy Man is a shoo-in!

    1. I could have also included Michael Allred's Madman in the yes category despite his being a reanimated corpse. After all, we believe in baptism for the dead.

  4. Your reasoning is spot-on. Very logical. :)

  5. What about Spiderman and Superman? They seem like nice enough guys. I also think the Incredibles are ideal candidates. Missionaries would have an immediate "in" teaching them about eternal families.

    1. Good call, Kelsey. Of course, regardless of which Super Hero would or would not accept the gospel, we have a responsibility to take the message to each and every one.

      You know, "With great power comes great responsibility..."