Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fourth Year Hike

Today's gag will likely require some background for anyone who has not experienced Girls' Camp. Every year the Young Women are at camp, they are expected to develop a new skill. For example, one year the girls are required to start a fire. During their fourth year at Girls' Camp, the Young Women are required to go on a somewhat-strenuous hike. It's called the 4th year hike. Hence the joke.

Being a veteran of numerous Girls' Camps (thanks to a wife who served in Young Women for years), I was well aware of the 4th year hike and found it rife with possibilities. Today's comic is in the August New Era and it tickles me to no end that the magazine published a joke of mine that likely will befuddle half of their readership. I guess in that regard, this might be the closest I ever come to drafting a New Yorker single-panel gag.


  1. I, for one, appreciate the explanation. I would have been baffled. I also like the New Yorker link. Now if only the Family Circus guy would explain a few of his.

  2. My daughter absolutely hates YW camp... so was delighted that this year it clashed with EFY. She'd much rather be curled up on a university campus than camping out! I've been threatening to teach the YW how to use a map and compass, though...