Monday, August 12, 2013

Mission Sweater 2

Here's the exciting conclusion to last week's cliffhanger you didn't even know existed...
(And here's another strip for your enjoyment from

UPDATED: As a number of you have pointed out, today's strip was a rerun of last week's. (Or at least it was, I replaced the strip from last week with the strip that was supposed to run.) As with everything else on this site, you get what you pay for.*

*Which, to be clear, is nothing. You don't pay anything for this website.**

**Unless, of course, you're paying for your internet service solely for Which would be really, really sad.


  1. Not to be picky or anything, but this is the same comic as last week.

    1. I was about to comment the same thing, Molly!

  2. I'm somewhat embarrassed that I didn't pick up on my error. Thanks, Molly and Kate.

  3. So I guess my comment that one of our Elders was grumbling Sunday that his ties always got messy so I should show him this strip belongs here now :)