Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Things First

It's time for one of my favorite features on this blog: a "Things Not To Say Over the Pulpit" gag.


  1. This totally happened in our stake conference Saturday night session. The speaker was a doctor who was on call. He thought he'd be safe for the ten minutes he was supposed to speak, but about two minutes in his phone went off. He turned from the microphone and took the message and then finished his talk.

    1. I think we can be at least a little forgiving of people who might well be getting actual emergencies. :)

      I remember one time hearing about someone's phone ringing in the sealing room at the Temple (why they even HAD their phone in there is beyond me), and the sealer snapping "tell them we're busy!" Totally on the sealer's side on that one.

  2. Those doctors are always being pestered by their accountants and golfing buddies.

  3. I love the expressions on the guys behind him.

  4. As a teacher, I'm always telling students "Tell them you'll call back after class!"

    Then of course one day my husband called when I was teaching. I explained to the class that he'd gone to a job interview so was calling when he got the chance, and they shouted "Good Luck, Alex!" in perfect unison at him.