Monday, January 20, 2014

Return Appointment

While I was tempted to do something like this several times on my mission, I'm proud to say that I never gave into those temptations.

(Read another strip here.)


  1. You, you have been to the movie theatre recently... This Elder's name should be Anna or Arendelle, don't you think? ;-)

    1. Yah, Frozen. I'm very much aware of that seeing as how my daughter has been singing "Let it Go" now for about a month straight.

    2. My son is 5 (since today by the way...) and when he sings, it's not "let it go" it's more or less "letiloh" (we're french...). I love the song but when it's my son's lyrics, I just want to be deaf...

  2. There's yet another mission story I can't tell, but it was my companion who did it, not me. Although I couldn't stop him from doing something stupid, I did make him go back and apologize afterward...and pay for the damages.