Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Eggs

The first year I was married I convinced my wife to dye Easter eggs the way they did it in Slovenia. We carefully gathered an assortment of leaves that we gently placed on the eggs and then we wrapped a nylon over each egg careful not to disturb the leaves. We then dipped the eggs into a pot of boiling purple cabbage with the plan that the natural dyes from the cabbage would color the eggs.

We ended up with a smelly apartment, too much cabbage to eat, and eggs that didn't change color in the slightest. Clearly I didn't pay enough attention on my mission. Since then we've only dyed with the kits.


  1. That sounds very European. Glad you've returned to the American way of artificial dyes.

  2. So hilarious! Memories are the best most important things ever! Thanks for helping me and my family laugh! Your pictures and comics ROCK!!!