Monday, May 12, 2014

Breakfast in Bed

Elder Van Dyke's birthday begins with him disappointed. He'd better get used to that feeling.

New subject: since I last posted a comic on this site, I've added a page outlining the many steps I take between a joke idea to a finished gag. You can find the page, titled The Creative Process, here. Check it out, I hope you'll find it interesting.

(Enjoy another strip here.)


  1. The creative process page was great :)

    What about do a comic about the 2,000,000 stripling warriors? I heard a comment in seminary this morning about it, and I can see it going a number of ways in a comic

    1. I was thinking about more emphasis on the extra zeroes. I can't remember much of thought process anymore, unfortunately, but perhaps along the lines of a Nephite saying "If only there had been 2,000,000 stripling warriors instead of 2,000" or someone with a talk accidentally typing "Today I would like to speak about the 2,000,000 stripling warriors".

      I liked the twitter comic :)