Thursday, September 4, 2014

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

I read an article recently on Jell-O's fiscal woes. Apparently, in this protein obsessed, paleo diet crazed era we live in; nobody's interested in a jiggly dessert. As I read the article, I tried to think of the last time I've had Jell-O and I was stumped. I'm sure some relative made some salad for Thanksgiving but that was almost a year ago. Jell-O, which was once a major part in every one of my Sunday dinners growing up, is now nearly completely out of my life.

I wonder if the rest of the Mormon culture has experienced the same shift. For years, Mormons' affinity for Jell-O* was the low hanging fruit for Mormon satirists (shoot, it's front and center on my masthead), but if Jell-O goes away where does that leave those of use who poke fun at the culture?

We Mormons need a new obsession and fast. Any suggestions?

*Particularly the green kind with carrot shavings mixed in.


  1. The Crewe Relief Society is holding a Pudding Evening next Tuesday - if you're pining for dessert you'd better nip across the pond to join us!

  2. Funny observations about Jello. I hadn't thought about it, but you're right--jello is disappearing. I suppose it's time is due. After all it's only artificially-colored and -flavored sugar water and collagen. A little gross if you think about it. Throw in some carrots, though, and it becomes a tradition.

  3. Those chocolate chip cookies from Target that never fail to make to every single ward activity. Or that almond Chex Mix stuff.