Thursday, September 11, 2014

Frozen Baptism

I've highlighted before some of the challenges some of the fairy tale princesses would have joining the Church. I suppose we can add Elsa to that list.

So, Frozen has become this huge, worldwide thing. I imagine every movie studio in Hollywood is studying it trying to figure out how to replicate its success. From the music to the annoying snowman sidekick, we can plan on a lot of imitations in the months and years to come. To me the formula is obvious: add more princesses. After all, most Disney princesses are in a movie by themselves. In Frozen, there were two of them! Disney should follow the lead of its other moneymaking enterprise, Marvel Studios, and combine a whole host of princesses in one Avengers-like movie.


  1. "Princesses assemble!" That could be an awesome movie!

  2. That princess avengers idea is golden. I'm going to steal it and be a millionaire.

  3. HAHA! Perhaps a new favorite. Though if you added Ariel to this second movie idea, you might end up with at lease as many as Elder Chilly there. ;)

  4. Replies
    1. If Disney follows this story line, I'm suing for stealing my idea!