Thursday, January 22, 2015

Charity Never Faileth

There sure are a lot of girls' names that double up as qualities used to describe girls: Charity, Faith, Hope, etc. I've often wondered why this practice doesn't extend to boys. I suspect the reason is that nobody wants to name their son Glutenous, Lazy, or Sloven. Anyway, today's gag--pulled from the out-of-print Mormon Life*--considers one of the unfortunate byproducts of such names.

*You can tell it's out of print by it's going price on Amazon. They're asking $25 for it! (They're also asking $984.37 for the equally out-of-print A-Maze-ing Book of Mormon. I've got 150 copies of that one in my basement. If they ever find a market for it at that price, I'll be rich!)


  1. I own a signed copy that be worth even more.

    1. A signed copy would actually probably be worth less. Sorry:(