Thursday, March 26, 2015

One Last March Madness Gag (Although Probably Not)

Two years ago I announced I was retiring the March Madness series of gags I published here every year in conjunction with the NCAA basketball tournament. And then last year, I ran two such jokes. Now, here we are again. One of these days I'll really follow through on that threat. Just not this year.

Personally, I'd love to see bishops participate on the priest quorum basketball teams. That would be the kind of comedy you could never get on a so-called humor site like this one.


  1. Our bishop is actually a pretty good ball player and just recently retired from the Elders quorum. Our guys might go for that.

    1. Our bishop's basketball playing days are long in the rear-view mirror.

  2. Our bishop would probably be quite good at basketball - heck, so would our state president. They are both 40-ish, fit and active fellows.

  3. That looks a lot like my bishop!