Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scouting for Food

A quick Google search tells me that "Scouting for Food" isn't necessarily a thing everywhere and it definitely doesn't happen this weekend everywhere. But in my neighborhood, the Boy Scouts will be picking up bags of canned food off of folks porches to donate it to the local food bank this Saturday morning.


  1. Funny, that's happening in my ward this weekend too!

  2. And over here in the UK, our current crop of Elders (we have FOUR at the moment) have devised a new game: they lurk in the church on Sunday and leap out to open the door as members approach. The game is to open the door for everyone before they can open it for themselves, but still to do more conventional greetings and hand-shakings as well. Gave us all a giggle on the way in this morning... :)

    1. I don't know where this site would be if Elders didn't provide a giggle on a regular basis.