Thursday, December 17, 2015

Never Mind, Obi-Wan

I'm really excited to see the new Star Wars movie. I've been heartened to see that the reviews to the movie have been overwhelmingly positive. (Granted, I haven't actually read any of those reviews for fear of being spoiled concerning the movie.) But there is one thing that has been troubling me concerning the Force Awakens.*

At the end of Return of the Jedi; Luke, Leia, Han, and their friends are enjoying the fruits of a hard-fought victory over the Empire. Their victory over evil seems earned too. Over the course of three movies, they suffered plenty. Luke lost a hand and watched both a father figure and his actual father die before his eyes, Leia was witness to the genocide of her home planet, Han was frozen in carbonite, and Lando seems to have lost that sweet cape he was rocking in Empire Strikes Back.

And now the Force Awakens seems to have reset everything. The good guys are still a ragtag band of rebels fighting and evil empire (with storm troopers and everything). I realize they're going by different names in the new movie, but the idea is the same. So what changed after the battle of Endor? Were all of the sacrifices of Luke, Leia, and Han for nothing?

I've got a bad feeling about this...

Tune in tomorrow for more ramblings about a galaxy far, far away.

*Here's the disclaimer that I offer every time I post one of these: be aware that things are going to get geeky. If that's not your thing, you are under no obligation to read this through to the end.


  1. Redo with Relief Society showing up?

    1. Good call, their the ones that really get things done in a ward.

    2. I agree, but I love the satire of thinking Leia would ever have such diligent home teachers.
      Relief society showing up would be believable but it wouldn't be comical.