Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016 Summer Movie Preview

Yesterday was May 4th, as in "May the fourth be with you," tomorrow the new Captain America movie premiers, and Saturday is free comic book day. It's a good time to be alive! It's also the perfect time to post my annual summer movie preview. (Where I don't actually preview any movies!)

As a missionary, I had the bad habit of using big, dumb tentpole movies to highlight a gospel lesson.* (Kind of like the missionary in this strip I published oh so long ago on this site.)

With this year's slate of big Hollywood films about ready to premier, I figured I'd take a stab at what tomorrow's missionaries will be gleaming from the googolplex this summer.
  • Captain America: Civil War - "The war in heaven was likely much like the battle between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, except with less special effects and funny one-liners."
  • X-Men: Apocalypse - "I haven't actually read the Book of Revelation, but I figure it must be something like that movie where the X-Men battle the four horsemen of the apocalypse."
  • Finding Dory - "Elder, if Dory can find her family then we can find a golden investigator. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
  • Ghostbusters - "Just like the Ghostbusters, you need to capture a ghost--the holy ghost. But instead of a proton pack and a containment unit, you'll need to study the scriptures and pray."
  • Jason Bourne - "Think of the veil we past through as Jason Bourne's amnesia. We've got huge reserves of untapped potential we don't even know about."**
*Who am I kidding, I still am in the habit of using big, dumb tentpole movies to higlight a gospel lesson.

**This one's actually pretty good. I think I'll use it in my next talk.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if I'm too much of a geek, but then I visit your site and I know I'm in good company.

  2. I know I'm a geek... and I revel in it!

  3. Lord of the Rings: "Like Frodo, we are never alone in our quest for eternal life. We have our own 'Samwise Gamgee', our families and the Holy Spirit, to help us along our way."

  4. How is it possible for him to lift up the hammer at all? Seriously.