Friday, July 22, 2016

Red Shirts

The original Star Trek ran on television from 1966-1969. The sets were ridiculous, the acting wooden (except for Leonard Nimoy--he was always good), and the plots were usually ham-fisted. But there was a charm in those original 79 episodes* that inspired a worldwide fandom, five television spinoffs (with more on the way), and 13 movies (with more on the way).

The recent movies have gone a long way towards making Star Trek more universal in its appeal (it also doesn't hurt that with the explosion of Super Hero movies nearly everyone is self-identifying as a geek), but for most of its existence, Star Trek was reserved for a specific subculture of fandom. One that I'm proud to say I belong to!

*Except for "Spock's Brain"--that one was just stupid.

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  1. I happen to be the one person on Earth who still loves "Spock's Brain." Well, maybe Sheldon Cooper as well.