Monday, October 10, 2016

Because Nothing is Ever That Easy

For over a month now I've been charting the progress of one of Elder Van Dyke's investigators. Today, Ivan's fledgling faith is challenged by a well-meaning co-worker. I need to give credit to faithful reader Megan R. for helping develop this particular story line by reminding me that conversion can be challenging. Thanks to her, I decided to through a few more stumbling blocks in Ivan's way.


  1. I hear MLP can be especially damaging to one's testimony. Glad I weaned myself off that years ago...

    ...not that I ever got involved in that. Eeyup.

  2. Thank you, Arie. I've been enjoying the storyline immensely... not that I had to give up smoking when I converted! Interestingly, my husband (who hasn't joined the church but describes himself as 'LDS friendly') decided to stop smoking just after I was baptised and has remained smoke-free since 2011!