Thursday, January 12, 2017

Singing Time Mistake

Sunday marks eight years of this blog! When I started it, I worried if I would be able to come up with enough material for a couple of weeks. (Truth be told, I still worry if I'll be able to come up with enough material for a couple of more weeks.) One of my greatest pleasures with this website is getting to know you, my readers.

I sincerely appreciate every email message and comment left on a post. I read them all. I cherish them all. Your kind words inspire me to keep going. I feel like we're starting to develop a real community here. Thanks!

Now that the blog has reached the age of accountability, I guess that means that the jokes are going to have to grow up too. No more sophomoric humor. No more immature little gags. This website has grown up and so have I!
(Okay, maybe one more immature gag.)


  1. When my brother was little he stood right up front and sang (quite loudly) about he hoped "they call [him] to go fishin'!"
    And who thinks maturity is fun, anyway?

  2. My father in law is particularly fond of singing "half pee are we." he has a dance that goes with it.

  3. I'm laughing quite loudly. This might reflect poorly on me.

    I need to grow up...There's only so many times I can use "become as a little child" as an excuse...

  4. Has the blog received its lessons and prepared for baptism yet?

    1. We can only hope that the Blog also met with the Bishop and received his approval as well.

  5. Congratulations on an amazing eight years! Keep up the great work!

  6. Did you air the room you left this morning? Did you think to spray?