Monday, August 21, 2017

MTC Spirit

The Church just held an open house at the Provo MTC to show off some impressive newly constructed buildings now part of the campus. Walking through the old cafeteria/administration building with my family, I was surprised to vividly remember the smell of the place. That distinct smell triggered in me all sorts of memories of my time in the MTC. Perhaps, the smell I recognized is the residue of the spirit they pump through the air vents.

What's that? You still haven't purchased your copy of Mission Daze? I understand, you might be thinking, "Why should I? I've already combed through every strip posted on this blog."

Well, here's why: the strips on this blog, up until very recently, have been presented shotgun style and not in any chronological order. And while it's true that I've recently started publishing the strips in order here on the website in order, you'll have to wait for nearly a decade to finish the story that way.

Why wait? Order now!

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