Monday, August 28, 2017

Win a Copy of Mission Daze

I'm still giddy over the publication of Mission Daze (order your copy here). To share my excitement, I'm running a little contest here on the blog. Simply share a mission story (either one of your own or one that's been shared with you) that would be worthy of Elder Van Dyke to this post and you'll be entered into the drawing for the book.

The contest runs until I post my next missionary strip Labor Day Monday. Good luck.


  1. An online friend shared this story a while back:

    My companion sat down with a person who welcomed the missionaries into his home for a first discussion. The man listened politely, but looked confused throughout.
    Concerned, my companion paused and asked if everything was ok.

    "Oh, yeah sure. Yeah," said the man. "and, uh.... you don't even need to worry about me."

    "Worry.... about you?" companion asked.

    "Oh, just that I know that not ALL of you guys are CIA, just a few and I know how to tell the difference."

    My companion, never one to avoid making things akward, agrees without hesitation.
    "Oh, sure. So... how can you tell?"

    "Well, I know it's only those who wear wrist watches who are CIA spies."

    Slowly, my companion lowers his gaze to the table where he is resting his hands. He looks deliberately at his wrist. He stares at his watch for a moment, then looks intently at the man across from him.

    "OH!" The man raised his hands defensively. "I won't tell anybody! I won't tell, I swear!"

    That's not the first time I've heard connections between Latter-Day Saints and the CIA. My Seminary teacher told us about how the CIA tried to recruit him because he was LDS. They wanted him to weed out vice. He declined on the grounds that he wasn't an expert in it.

    He had so many great stories!

  2. Ha! I just rediscovered my old missionary journal while cleaning off an old computer, and there are lots of good stories in there — but most of them have been used by Sis. Kerry Jo. I'll see if there's something that's safe to share!

  3. You've already drawn my best missionary story (the elder who tried the back door after getting a grumpy reception when knocking on the front door).

  4. I suppose I should share a few of those stories. A few from his time in high school:

    He met this girl who was really into astrology. She would say stuff like "Venus is in Jupiter". She would flirt with him a bit, too. She once asked him to feel his temples, to see if he had horns. Sure enough, there were two "bumps" on each side of his head. She also asked him about whether or not their children would have horns, if they were to have children.

    Another story: One guy in his high school cut out his back pockets completely. And by completely, I mean not just the pockets were gone. His rear was partly exposed on both sides. Terrible!

  5. I served in Arizona. There was a missionary in my district who was serving in our mission, waiting for a visa so he could go to his assigned mission in Mexico. His area was San Luis, Arizona, about 3 hours from the mission home, and right on the southern border of the state.

    Pretty soon his visa arrived, so he had to be driven back to the mission home, then he went to the nearest airport, flew to Mexico, got his new area assignment, and went out to his first area in the new mission. What was his first area? San Luis Río Colorado, directly across the border from where he served in Arizona (the same city, but on the Mexico side). :) He could see his old area through the border wall, and members saw him from time to time when they went to Mexico to run errands or visit family. So close, yet so far away!

  6. On my mission in Sao Paulo, one of our elders and his companion were held up on the way home at night. When the man demanded 10 reais, this elder responded, I only have a 20 reais bill! He quickly became a popular target until he stopped carrying cash and could only offer them a Book of Mormon!

    Tudi ziveli smo v Ljubljani ko sem delal na ameriskem veloposlanistvu. Veja Ljubljana je bila odlicna! Kdaj ste sluzili tam? Lep pozdrav!

    1. Lep pozdrav! Sluzil sem med 1993 in 1995. Zato, ne govorim tako dobro zdaj.