Monday, December 4, 2017

Missionary Grocery Shopping

It can be pretty hard grocery shopping in another country as a missionary. Especially when the only foods you know how to prepare are hot pockets and mac and cheese.

Are you looking for a Christmas gift to give the missionaries in your life? Why not consider purchasing a copy of Mission Daze for them? Trust me, they'll love it. And if you email me immediately after your purchase, I'll make sure to personally dedicate your missionary's copy to your missionary. Order today!*

*Is this where I include a 1-800 number? I feel like I should be including a 1-800 number here and maybe a free set of Ginsu Knives if you order in the next 15 minutes.


  1. Grocery shopping was one huge culture shock. Ask any Korean missionary about buying peanut butter!

    BTW, I ordered your book. You'll be thrilled to know that it's in the top 1.7 million on Amazon!

    1. Thanks, Kevin! The book might only be listed in the top 1.7 million total books, but in the fictional LDS missionary comic strip books section, it's a best-seller!

      Now we just need to get Kerry Jo's adventures published...

  2. I remember a family member requested peanut butter cups to be sent to him on his mission, so he could scrape the peanut butter out and use it.